In standard English screamer variously denotes: 1. one who screams; 2. a type of bird; 3. a story that arouses screams of laughter; 4. a very funny person or thing; 5. an outstanding specimen of anything and, 6. (in the US) a sensational headline. Screamer 's inclusion in the Australian National Dictionary derives from its function in various combinations with words for measures of alcoholic drink, indicating a person who has a low tolerance of alcohol, e.g. two pot (or middy, pint, schooner, etc) screamer. From the earliest citation: Look at Lou. She's a two-pot screamer, always 'as been. D. Hewett, Bobbin Up (1959) to the latest cited: And there's no room for poofters or two-pot screamers And there's not room for bludgers - and no room for dreamers. G. Hutchinson, No Room for Dreamers (1981) the scorn held for such persons (of both sexes) by the typical Australian ocker is evident. A more recent Australian meaning of screamer (probably deriving from sense 5 above) is the spectacular overhead mark regarded by many fans as the epitome of skill in the game of Australian Rules. The citations from the database at the Australian National Dictionary Centre attest to this skill: The best of the best were:... an Ablett screamer over the back of Robert Di Pierdomenico. Age (8 May 1989) 'Leaping Al' Lynch played an inspired game... kicking six goals and,.. sitting on a pack of four players,.. to pull down a screamer. Age (24 July 1989). The citations also allude to the risk involved in achieving such a mark: Jezza was scared he would get hurt when he flew for some of his screamers. Sun (Melbourne, 28 June 1988).

Australian idioms. 2014.

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