A kind of fine powdery soil found in inland Australia. Roads or tracks covered with bulldust may be a hazard for livestock and vehicles, which can become bogged in it. It is called bulldust because it resembles the soil trampled by cattle in stockyards. The word can also be used as a polite way of saying bullshit. bull's roar: not within a bull's roar Not anywhere near- 'The club's not within a bull's roar of winning the premiership this season.' A roaring bull can be heard over a great distance, so that to be not within a bull's roar is to be a considerable distance away. The phrase is sometimes used without the negative- to be within a bull's roar means that you are not too far away. A much finer unit of measurement is expressed by the similar Australian phrasewithin a bee's dick.

Australian idioms. 2014.

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